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Dessert  Menu

Sweet Chipotle Catering provides an affordable array of tasty, gourmet desserts for you to choose from for your holiday, wedding receptions & event catering. They are yummy. *Indicates some of our clients favorites

*Italian Fudge Cake

*Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
With butter cream frosting

*Mini Spice Rum Fudge Cake

*Strawberry & White Chocolate

Mini Cheesecakes

*Chocolate Layered Cake

With butter cream Icing

*Snickers Cake
Chocolate cake with a peanut nougat filling, covered in a salted caramel butter cream & topped with a chocolate gouache

Almond-Macaroon Torte
With chocolate frosting & orange compote

Chocolate Decadence Cake
Flowerless cake

Whiskey Fudge Cheese Cake

New York Cheesecake

Coconut Cheesecake
With passion fruit glaze

Maple Cheesecake
With maple-cranberry compote

Maple-Gingerbread Layer Cake
In this delicious dessert, tender spice cake is layered with maple-sugar frosting

Grand Marnier Tart

Strawberry Blossom Tart

Raspberry & Champagne

Layer Cake

Bittersweet Chocolate Turtle Tart

Mini Banana Rum Fudge Cake

Chunky Apple Cake
With cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl Cheesecake

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