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Gourmet  Hors d'oeuvres

Sweet Chipotle Catering has created an incredible array of affordable Gourmet Hors d’oeuvres that are Ideal for small parties, weddings & events. These are in addition to the favorites you may find on the favorite hors d'oeuvres menu.

Tequila-Lime Chicken
With cilantro dressing

Chicken Sate
With spicy peanut sauce

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
Summer Rolls
With sweet chili sauce

Mini Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches
With a creamy horseradish sauce

Zucchini & Feta Balls
Chipotle Barbecued Smokies
Parmesan Cheese Crusted
Zucchini Sticks

With Marinara

Smoked Mozzarella
& Ricotta Fritters

Spinach & Artichoke
In a beggars purse, a traditional dip n chip consisting of a creamy mixture of spinach, artichoke, folded 
in Parmesan & Monterey Jack cheese, all nestled in a crispy wonton wrapper purse

Crispy Asparagus
With Asiago in Filo, we take a fresh cut asparagus spear, add the delicate flavors of asiago cheese

& wrap them into a crispy phyllo roll
Bacon Wrapped Chicken
This bacon-wrapped chicken appetizer with apricot dipping sauce fills the bill

Cheese Wafers
Little discs cheese spice, like red pepper flakes, hot pepper sauce & the crunch
of chopped pecans

Korean Barbecued Beef
Grilled beef wrapped in lettuce with
Korean BBQ sauce

Caramel Apple & Goat Cheese
In Phyllo made with apples, goat cheese, walnuts & caramel in a phyllo beggars purse

Pecan Chicken Tenders
A juicy USDA white meat chicken tender
dipped in pecan batter & rolled
in toasted pecan pieces
& bread crumbs

Sausage Filled Mushroom Caps
A large whole mushroom cap generously filled 
with a spicy, Italian sausage

Southwest Spring Rolls
Spicy USDA white meat chicken breast,

black beans & Monterey Jack cheese
blended with Southwestern spices
Ahi Tuna Tostadas
Won ton chip topped with sesame ginger cole slaw, grilled Ahi Tuna & topped with wasabi

Mahi-Mahi Macadamia
Nut Fingers
Lightly breaded Mahi-Mahi fried to golden perfection served with a chili sauce, all ways 

a hit at all parties!

Chicken Dijon in Pastry
Tangy dijon mustard is blended with chicken, 
cream cheese & garlic inside flaky puff pastry dough

Chili Lime Chicken Kabobs
Chicken breast marinated in a zesty seasoning 
blend of chili, lime & cilantro

Coconut Chicken Tenders
Strips of chicken breast dipped in coconut batter 
& rolled in a mixture of shredded 
coconut & bread crumbs

Malibu Coconut Shrimp
Shrimp is coated in a delicious Malibu rum & 
coconut batter

Mushroom Caps Florentine
Large whole mushroom cap overflowing with 
a delicate blend of spinach,

cheese & spices
Jerk Chicken
Swedish or BBQ Meatball

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