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Image by Amanda Kerr

Taste of Elegance

Sweet Chipotle Catering has been awarded the People's Choice Award by the Mid-Missouri Pork Association for the following catering menu.

Whiskey Chipotle Grilled Baby Back Ribs, Truffle Mac and Cheese, Brussels Sprouts with Pork Belly and Apples

The Taste of Elegance is one of the major cooking events for professional chefs in the industry. Sponsored by the National Pork Board, this culinary competition is designed to inspire innovative and exciting ways to menu pork.


Since 1987, the Taste of Elegance competition has evolved into more than twenty regional competitions annually. Winning chefs are invited to participate in the National Taste of Elegance. The national event brings together talented, winning chefs from across the country. The program provides an exciting competition in the chef community while also serving as a learning exchange for the chefs.


At every competition, prizes are awarded for outstanding pork dishes based on a variety of factors, including taste, originality and presentation. Judges for the events have included master chefs, food editors and past Taste of Elegance winners.

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